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It starts with a card.

A card can be any piece of information: an idea, a feature, a task or something else.

Typically, in a teamwork environment a card is a task.

Cards are the basic units that make up your Klaro project.
When you start a new project you simply create cards as you come up with ideas.

Add a card

Dimensions add power.

A dimension is a class of values. You assign dimensions to cards.

Create whatever kind of dimension you like with whatever values you like. Make as many dimensions as you need.

To organise cards you need to be able to view groups of them in different ways. Dimensions are what makes this possible.

Create a dimension

With cards and dimensions - anything's possible!

Track processes in columns; sort cards by importance; use colours to indicate status... and much more.

Configure a view of cards. Use filters to fine-tune your view. Click to save your view as a board.

Combined with access rights, boards give just the right amount of information and control to each team member.

With cards and dimensions anything's possible

Let's do it!

Let’s say we want to renovate a house…

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