Provide everyone with
the right info at the right time

Klaro Cards brings a unique and simple approach to organizing your company.
The basic principle is Collect, Enrich and Distribute.

  1. Collect as Cards
  2. Enrich with Dimensions
  3. Distribute in Boards

Collect as Cards

Cards are the basic units that make up your Klaro Cards project.

A card can be any piece of information: an idea, a feature, a request, a task... or anything else that your team manages on a daily basis in the real world.

The secret: Effective teams track their outcomes as cards and frequently hold discussions around them.

Add a card

Enrich with Dimensions

Dimensions enrich cards with data attributes: departments, statuses, assignees, dates, budgets, etc.

Create whatever kind of dimension you like with whatever values you like. Make as many dimensions as you need.

A tip: the dimensions you create should help in organizing and dividing work across your team. They should also support more precise discussions.

Create a dimension

Distribute in Boards

A board helps you to lay out cards in a relevant way: filter cards, group them in columns, sort them by importance... and much more.

Boards auto-synchronize: whatever you do to cards in one board is immediately reflected across all other boards and to every person involved.

Create as many boards as you need: personal boards, team boards, meeting boards, ideation boards, etc.

Work the right way: boards must bring the right info to the right people at the right time to meet their objectives. Simple.

With cards and dimensions anything's possible

Used & loved by Team leaders