Klaro dynamic templates


Team work


This template helps organizing tasks among various team members, follow work in a Kanban (column organization), and visualize priorities and team load on unfinished tasks.

The template is ideal for teams from 2 to 10 members, where some important deadlines must be met.

Step 1 : Invite your team!

Invite your team members to collaborate on your project. Go to the settings, then Members, Add a member, enter the name and email address of your co-worker.

Step 2 : Add assigned tasks

Add your tasks and designate the person in charge. Each member of the project can move his or her cards according to the progress of each one.

Step 3 : Add your deadlines

You can also add deadlines for each task by clicking on the card of your choice.

Step 4 : Discover your project from several perspectives

Once you have chosen the Due Dates, you will be able to find your tasks in the Deadlines board, which is a schedule. In the Team Load board, each member of the project can find his or her tasks in his or her own column.

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