Klaro dynamic templates



Collective intelligence

This template provides a general canvas to conduct efficient meetings using Collective Intelligence techniques. The template helps focussing on main objectives, decisions and action points.

The inclusion and declusion phases helps the team build trust. Make sure to read our blog post to better understand how to use this Klaro template.

Step 1: Add your meetings to the board Meetings.

Create a new map by pressing the c key on your keyboard. Insert the name of your meeting and add the planned date.

Step 2 : Invite your team

Invite your team members to collaborate on your project. Go to the settings, then Members, Add a member, enter the name and email address of your co-worker, and you're done!

Step 3 : Take relevant notes!

During your next meeting, select in the board Meeting Notes the meeting of your choice (created beforehand) in the dimension Meetings. Then, add the objectives of the meeting, the questions asked according to each collaborator, the action points, etc.

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