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Our offer includes different plans: public cloud, private cloud, and on-site installation.


One member

Perfect for freelancer or lone workers

15€ / month

19€ / month

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited dimensions and cards
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Chat Support
  • One-on-one training (Add-on)
  • Excel, Google & Dropbox Int.
    Coming soon
  • Share public boards
    Coming soon


10 members

Essentials for small teams or companies

(+ 15€ / user / month for additonal members)

(+ 19€ / user / month for additonal members)

99€ / month

120€ / month

Everything in the Solo Plan

  • Priority Chat
  • Poll mode
  • Consulting day (Add-on)
  • Slack integration
    Coming soon
  • KPI's and Dashboard
    Coming soon


Minimum 10 members

A dedicated cloud with all features

(+ 15€ / user / month for additonal members)

(+ 19€ / user / month for additonal members)

299€ / month

370€ / month

Everything in the Team Plan

  • Private Cloud
  • One-on-one training for free
  • Early access to new features
  • Dedicated Development
  • Host Klaro on your own domain name
  • Finer-grained access control

All our subscriptions may be cancelled at any time, even annual subscriptions (pro-rata reimbursement)

Plan features in detail
Solo Team Business
Members The number of members included in your plan is the maximum number of members you can invite to join the projects you own. 1 Up to 10 Min. 10
Workspace A workspace restricts visible cards and dimensions for specific purposes or teams. You can manage which workspaces a member belongs to. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Projects A Klaro project is a large set of cards. You can create as many projects as you want, and as many cards as you like in each project. What you do all depends on your requirements and goals. All plans have unlimited projects. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dimensions Woups... I'm missing details here. Would you be kind enough to report this? Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Storage Storage is the number of GB you can store in Klaro projects and attached files. The storage is unlimited for all plans, but we reserve the right to contact users with big projects to upgrade or limit their plan. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated database Get your own database and improve the security and performance of your Klaro projects. - Add-on
Private Cloud The private cloud option provides dedicated data hosting and advanced access control. - -
Chat Support Chat support is available via the chatbot at the bottom right of your screen. We strive to respond as quickly as possible.
Priority Chat Our chat team processes Team and Business plan chat requests before those from Solo plans and non-users. -
One-on-One training One-on-One training is a personalized and thorough demonstration with one of our Klaro Masters. During this training, together we create your project and you learn how to use Klaro in the way that suits you. Add-on Add-on
Consulting Day The consulting day is a dedicated day for you and your team, to set up complex projects that require extra technical skill or even dedicated development. - Add-on Add-on
One-click Excel   Coming soon Turning an Excel file into a Klaro project.
Google Calendar Integration   Coming soon Add your Klaro calendar view to Google Calendar.
Google Drive Integration   Coming soon Upload files to Google Drive.
Dropbox Integration   Coming soon Download files from Dropbox.
Slack Integration   Coming soon Be notified of new changes to your Klaro project in Slack, then create cards from Slack that are automatically imported into Klaro. -
Share Public Boards   Coming soon Make your boards public for members and non-members, accessible to all via a link.
Export Board
Poll Mode Create a voting system with your own weighting and allow each member of the board to vote. Very practical for operational decision making! -
KPI’s & Dashboard A customizable dashboard with the KPIs of your choice related to your Klaro projects. - Add-on
Dedicated Development Custom development for specific scenarios (e.g. implementation of specific functionality within Klaro or integration with third party software) - -
Host Klaro on your company’s domain name Customize links to your Klaro projects with your own domain name. - -
IP Whitelisting Restrict authorized access to your klaro projects from specific sources on the Internet. - -
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