SWOT Analysis


This template facilitates an analysis of company Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This helps to identify action points by working on each SWOT card in turn.

The first Klaro board focusses brainstorming on SWOT analysis. Action plan cards can then be derived from SWOT cards, and tracked in a separate Kanban board. You can go further and install further dimensions to track particulars such as assignees, due dates, departments, etc.

Step 1: Study and analyse your business

In the first board, create one card per strenght, weakness, opportunity or threat you can think of. Do it as a team exercice if you can:

Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your business and the opportunities and threats of the market helps you to get a useful overview. It is then easier to clarify your strategy and to establish corresponding action plans.

Step 2: Take action

Build your action plan based on your strategy. After enriching then sorting cards by importance (create a new dimension for that, and use our Casino board), turn back to most important cards in turn. For each of them, identify action points that might help anchoring your strengths and addressing weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

You can of course create new dimensions to assign those action points to collaborators, and follow them in a Kanban board.

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