This template is a simple Scrum board where Stories are decomposed into Tasks and work organized as subsequent Sprints.

The template is ideal for a team having a project to conduct in subsequent iterations:

  • The Scrum board shows the stories selected for the current iteration and helps decomposing them into tasks and tracking the progress of each ot them
  • The Sprint log provides both a retrospective view of the stories completed in previous sprints and allows organizing the future stories in subsequent sprints.

The template can be easily extended along a more complete scrum organization. You might consider:

  • Adding a "Story points" numeric or poll dimension to track the effort and fine-tune the size of each sprint according to the team velocity.
  • Adding domain-specific dimensions to distinguish stories by, e.g. stakeholder, department, etc.

Step 1 : Choose your Sprint

On the template we have already set up 3 sprints that you can modify in Settings. Select the one you like (here, Sprint 1), add your stories, and drag and drop your stories according to their progress.

Step 2 : Manage your projects with an overview

In the board Sprint log you can get an overview of your different Sprints. This allows you to understand and anticipate your project.

Of course, all the settings and proposals can be modified at your convenience. Klaro is 100% flexible and adaptable.

Need help on this (or any other) template? Contact us on or on the Chatbot located at the bottom right. We will be happy to help you.