This template helps you conduct growth hacking experiments. Brainstorm ideas for growth that correspond to each step along the sales funnel. Collectively evaluate the effort required for and the impact gained from each card. Easily identify which ideas you should work on first with Klaro's voting system.

Once done, we suggest completing your configuration with tasks, assignees and sprints.

Step 1: Add your Persona

Once your Growth Hacking project is created, you will arrive directly on the "Persona" board. Add a card by clicking on New card in the top right hand corner of the board (see image above).

You can add a short summary of your persona directly on the card title, and detail the character with more text in the "Description" section.

Step 2: Add your ideas

Once you have created your personas (you can always modify them or add others at any time), go to the "Ideation" board. Here you will find a Kanban board with columns for each step of the sales funnel: Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral. Create one card for each growth hacking idea you have, making sure the cards are sorted in the right columns and assigned to relevant persona. Do this activity as a team for even more ideas.

Tip: Think of ideas one persona at a time, using the filters on your left. Klaro will then create all cards for that persona without asking you to specify for each card.

Step 3: Time to vote!

As long as they are logged in, every member of the team can vote from wherever they are. On the Vote board, voting happens simply by dragging and dropping cards. In this template we propose sorting ideas according to the effort required and impact gained for each idea. You can fine-tune your own criteria and your voting proposals by adjusting those dimensions.

Step 4: Analyze results and make decisions

Once every team member has voted, go to the "Results" board. Here you can sort to quickly grasp which ideas require more or less effort for more or less impact. The image above shows the ideas that take little effort for a lot of impact. Why not start with those?

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