This Klaro template follows the CCB's (Center for Cyber security Belgium) CyberFundamentals framework for the assessment and action plans in Cybersecurity.

The Cyberfundamentals framework lists measures and requirements to improve the resilience of companies against cyber-attacks. Those measures and requirements are classified in Categories (Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover) and Levels (basic, important, essential). Key measures are also identified in each category and level.

Our Klaro Cards template allows exploring the framework, running cyber assessments, and following a detailed action plan with a log of actions, comments & assignments.

Step 1: explore the measures and requirements

See it online

Our template contains the whole list of measures and requirements, for all size of companies. An Explorer board helps you easily read about them, and select those that makes sense for your own situation (such as Key measures of the Basic level, if you are a small company).

Each measure and requirement card contains the guidance to conform. You can also take your own notes if you want:

Step 2: Assessment

Use our Casino board to conduct assessment of your documentation and implementation maturity levels. The filters allow you to select the level and categories you actually need according .to your situation, and assessment focus.

Step 3: Action & plans !

It's now time to create preventive and corrective actions based on your assessment (actions can also be tracked during the assessment itself). For each measure or requirements with a low assessment score, create Action points:

You can obviously start following those actions in a Kanban board, and use Klaro Cards' full power to assign those actions, follow them, prioritize them, etc.

Step 4: Take a step back

With cybersecurity, zooming out and looking at the big picture is important. With a Step back board, you can easily see where you are, and whether your ongoing action points meet your assessment, even if the latter recently changed or your scope was updated:

If you need any help in using the Cyberfundamentals framework, our Klaro Cards template, or even conducting a Cybersecurity audit, assessment or follow-up, please reach us at or book a call. We have the experts you need.