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Welcome our Casino Board !

Working collaboratively has never been easier. We also made it fun!

Working collaboratively is first and foremost about sharing and aligning mental pictures. That's what great teams actually do, that's what Klaro Cards helps doing.

Being able to easily categorize cards has always been Klaro's main value proposition. We built it on the Map-Territory relation: it's about creating the digital twin of a given situation then manipulating it to either better reflect the real world (making the digital twin more accurate), or make decisions thanks to the clarity offered by the digital twin then "push" those decisions to the real world.

Enabling this kind of work requires great digital tools. While our dimensions system and Kanban board has always been up to the task, we saw a big opportunity for improvement in user experience, and took it.

So, let me introduce you to the fresh new Casino Board.

Casino Board

The principle is very simple:

  • You've got a deck of Unsorted cards, that you want to categorize along a given dimension.
  • Your categories (aka dimension values) are shown on the right. We made them small enough to show 25 of them, a huge improvement in comparaison to the Kanban experience used so far for card sorting.
  • You simply drag and drop cards to the categories, as usual in Klaro Cards.
  • You can skip the current card (aka fold it) and get back to it later.


  • At any time, you can unsort all cards and sort them again. Very useful for teams who have to reassess a given situation frequently.
  • If you want to sort faster, keyboard shortcuts are provided (press CTRL to toggle them).

Keep your Klaro habits

Of course the Casino board has been built to be consistent with the existing user experience. Let me point out that:

  • The board synchronizes in real time with all boards opened at the same time. Decisions made here are reflected there, as usual.
  • The filters apply as in every other board. Sorting can be done "one deck at a time", by combining the Casino board with a moving filter: apply a first filter then sort shown cards, change the filter to sort another pile, then another, etc.
  • You can sort cards along all your dimensions, of course, because we know that a complex territory requires a multi-dimensional map.
  • Among them, the board is of course compatible with poll dimensions (allowing team members to sort cards differently).

We're very happy with this new board, and hope you will make great use of it. Let us know what improvements are necessary!