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Log in once, access all your Klaro projects

Previous login behavior was annoying, it's now definitely gone 🥳

Hey Klaro-ers!

We've recently revamped our authentication mechanism. While you previously had to log in to each of your individual project, you can now log in just once (on any of them) and access all of them without needing to log in again.

In addition to providing a better user experience, the new authentication system paves the way for building cross-project features. We obviously have a few use cases in mind, but please feel free to share your own ideas with our support team.

P.S. We will gradually phase out the "login & password" method of authenticaton in favor of more secure mechanisms (such as single-sign on, social logins, etc.). Our roadmap starts with Klaro Enterprise, but you are welcome to proactively reach out to our team, regardless of your current plan.