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Klaro newsletter - November 2021

Lots of dimension improvements, overview of our current work, and a fresh new Home Page!

It's been a while since our last newsletter, but that doesn't mean we haven't been working. Here is an overview of the latest, most important news at Klaro.

Welcome to our Introduction video and Interactive Tutorial

We've often observed that the first steps with Klaro Cards can be difficult, especially if you start from our Blank template. As a friend told us, "People fear blank pages, you've been warned!" He was right. But we don't want to get rid of this core part of Klaro. The Blank template is the guarantee that you can build your world, that you can model your situation, whatever it is. Even if that means that you'll need a little help from us.

The very reason why Klaro Cards exists is that too many tools are rigid, with a preconceived vision of how teams are "supposed" to organise themselves.

To tackle this we've improved our Home Page, with a video and an Interactive Tutorial. The idea is for visitors and new users to get a feeling of what Klaro Cards looks like, and the mindset it requires. Consequently and in accordance with our values, the video is not really a Marketing video but more like a general Introduction.

Many thanks to Squarefish for their work on the video, and to Adrien who shared the idea and implemented the very first version of the so-called Miniklaro widget. We have great plans for Miniklaro in the future!

Many improvements to Klaro dimensions

Among many other features and bug fixes, we've made a bunch of improvements to Klaro Dimensions. In particular:

  • A new dimension allows you to easily filter "your" cards, whatever "your" means. Read more
  • Dimension values can now be sorted alphabetically. Read more
  • Dimensions with lots of values are much friendlier than before. Read more
  • Parent/child card links have improved with multiple parent kinds allowed. Read more
  • Dimensions that track project members can now be restricted to specific workspaces. Read more

Coming soon

Two major features are currently under development and should land soon in Klaro public cloud and business deployments.

  • Sending emails will create cards for you. This has been a dream of ours for a long time, and now it's nearly a reality (final acceptance tests are ongoing with partners). Each Board will have an optional email address, to which you can send emails. Those emails will be automatically be converted into cards, with all the Klaro magic regarding dimensions applying as usual. Triage has never been easier. Stay tuned.

  • A helicopter view will be offered to every Klaro user on Very Klaro-ish, nothing new to learn. We are currently looking for beta-testers - you can send an email to if interested.

Other bug fixes and improvements

As usual you'll find all new features, improvements and bug fixes - from this month and previous months - at

See you next month! Keep in touch when you use our new features - you can easily drop us a line using the chat box.