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Welcoming new members :-)

Saying goodbye to others :-(

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A startup is an adventure - a human adventure in particular. Along this adventure people come and go: users, customers, team members, investors... Today we're taking the time to thank those who left, and welcome those who joined.

A warm welcome to...

... All our new users, customers and partners. A few more Belgian companies in particular decided to join our Partners program. The program gives them a Business plan for a fraction of the real Klaro price. They help us in return through weekly feedback, co-creation, and promoting Klaro within their circles. Many thanks! More than anything a software startup needs this kind of partnership. You've got our full attention; Klaro is being built for you.

Please also welcome Felix and Adrien, who join the project as software developers. Both had links to our CTO before Klaro was even born; a good sign that we are building a great team. Felix shares a story in another blog post, stressing the importance of building software using composable blocks, a bit like Lego™️ bricks. While Felix's blog post is mostly about the way Klaro is built inside, the analogy with Lego™️ bricks fully applies to Klaro itself. We're not building software that precisely tackles very specific requirements; we are building bricks that you can put together and apply and reuse across many teams and company processes. The "inside" and "outside" facets of Klaro are of course related, but that's for another blog post.

So, welcome!

Many thanks to...

As people come in, people also leave. A few early adopters, who were using Klaro from the very very beginning, have stopped using it. It's not so much that Klaro did not suit their needs, rather that things change. Some people left their jobs and have no use for Klaro outside their old work; others would have loved to keep Klaro, but keeping great software (according to users) inside a company can occasionally be surprisingly difficult (sometimes due to non users). There is not much we can do to help with that right now, but be assured we are seriously looking into strategies to help our valued users who may be facing this situation. Many thanks for all the feedback you gave us!!

Very special thanks goes to Julie, who recently left the company. Thanks to Julie we have our current website, our FAQ, many blog posts, all recent newsletters, a few designs, images, videos and much more. All this will evolve in many ways, but will keep Julie's touch forever! Many thanks and good luck for the future.