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Klaro new features - October 2020

Discover our new time-related tools + various bug fixes & improvements

Find out what we worked on last month

Welcome to our Gantt view

Introducing a new board mode: the Gantt view. We have to admit that at Klaro, we are not huge fans of Gantt charts. They tend to encourage the belief that time spent on tasks can be decided ahead of time, while in practice we know that we can only make an estimate at best; at worst we only find out how long it takes after the task is done.

For this reason, our first implementation of a Gantt view is not meant to help you make a chart manually, like the one shown above. In accordance with Klaro's philosophy, this new board mode is rather designed to help you explore your cards with respect to your project timeline, giving more insight into your team's processes.

For a simple use case we invite you to explore our deployment log at the address below. Play with the "Categorize by" widget to discover what new features and bug fixes we did with Klaro last year, see our team tempo, observe the balance between bug fixes and new features, and so on. So much process information in one view.

Klaro's deployment timeline

We are already working on various improvements of this timeline. Let us know if you start using it - we'd gladly take your ideas into account for future versions!

Link your Klaro board to Google Calendar (or similar)

And there is another new time-related feature: you can now export any board to your calendar of choice, provided it supports the iCalendar standard. Export a board as an iCalendar file, or use a persistent URL to auto-synchronize your calendar software.

Documentation explaining how connect Klaro with Google, Apple or Outlook calendars is provided in the persistent link dialog.

Other bug fixes and improvements

We also:

  • Made the search smarter
  • Made it possible to restore a former member
  • Improved CSV export
  • Improved the dimensions screen
  • etc.

As usual you will find all new features, improvements and bug fixes - from this month and previous months - at

See you next month! Keep in touch when you use our new features; you can easily drop us a line using the chat box!