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New features! - September 2020

Discover the latest Klaro updates

You may or may not already have noticed new features popping up in Klaro. You can read about them in this article. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments contact us and we would be happy to hear them.

1/ Add a "time" dimension to your projects πŸ•“

Thanks to the new "Track any Date with time" dimension, from now on you can choose a precise time along with a date.

2/ It's easier to create your own dimensions πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

It has never been easier to create a dimension with user-defined values. From now on you can create all values at the same time using the same dialog box.

Bonus: colours are added automatically! You can always change them as you see fit.

3/ It's easier to invite colleagues to work 🀝

We have added an "Invite" button in between board settings and permissions to help add team members quickly and easily.

4/ Easier-to-use templates πŸ—‚

When you start off a new project it is now easier to switch from one template to another; when you're ready you can confirm that you're satisfied.

When you create a new project little buttons appear at the top right-hand of the screen next to the name of the template. They are for:

  • Getting information about the template on the Klaro website
  • Keeping the template for your project (this hides the buttons)
  • Changing the template by going back to the list of templates

5/ Create kanban boards directly from "List" view πŸ”¨

The contextual menu in the list view now allows you to switch to kanban view and easily configure columns.

To try out Klaro for free click here. You can also request a free demo of Klaro here.