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Klaro is free during the crisis

As human beings during the coronavirus crisis, hoping to help frontliners, other humans, and companies
We are taking part in OVH's initiative are are offering Klaro for free during the crisis

Belgium, the 19th of March 2020

We are all currently living in difficult times. As countless other individuals, teams, and companies in the world, the Klaro team wants to be part of the solidarity effort. We are already staying home, applauding at 8PM in support of frontline heroes on the field and doing the best we can (e.g. by following instructions), and helping people in our neighborhoods.

In addition, we would like our startup company to also do its fair share. We decided to join OVH's initiative and offer our Klaro experience and tool for free:

  • At Klaro, we are a fully remote team, and are in our element when it comes to organizing ourselves using IT tools available on the web. If we can help someone out there by sharing that knowledge, we will happily take the time to do so. Please just ask.

  • Klaro is our collaborative tool to support remote team processes. Both us and our users use it every single day to organize daily work, make plans, share ideas, think about priorities, vote collectively, document meetings and decisions, and follow multi-team processes. If you know Trello, Klaro is similar in shape, but offers a better experience when it comes to making things team and process-specific, and organizing things from multiple points of view.

We built Klaro in such a way that configuring a team workspace takes less than 20 minutes, and learning the Klaro basics less than an hour. Continuously adapting your Klaro project to your team's workflow is also easy afterwards.

In the following crisis weeks, we will offer free projects and free consultancy time to help you get started, because we know that one hour of human experience sharing is worth multiple days of self learning through videos. Following the open-solidarity initiative, you can use Klaro for free, without any commitment, throughout the duration of the crisis. It goes without saying that your data is yours, and any inputted data stored in Klaro will be returned to you if you decide to stop using the service.

In practice, please use the chatbot below or contact Bernard directly ( if Klaro might indeed help you make these days less stressful or simply better organized.