Is digitalising your team
worth a few hours?

  1. Yes, on my own
  2. Yes, but I need help
  3. Yes, but I lack time
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We are here to help

It is completely possible to explore and fully configure Klaro Cards by yourself.
And yet we've observed that some experience and a certain mindset are required for the effective digitalisation of team processes. It helps to think of this kind of software as a new team member.

We offer a free onboarding session (up to 2h) to map your processes to a first Klaro project. From our experience this is usually enough to get started.

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Digitalisation requires time

Successfully digitalising your business takes time and effort. While configuring Klaro Cards is quick and easy, fully digitalising your team or company requires a thorough understanding of your processes and a willingness to evolve.

Software should be viewed as a new team member; to thrive, Klaro Cards requires onboarding and support from colleagues.

If your team is ready to embark on the journey of digitalisation but you lack the time to lead the way, we are here to help and guide you through the process.

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Interactive mini-tutorial

Take a moment to learn how Klaro displays diverse information:
Boards, and their visualisation modes, colours and filters.

Can you create custom visualisations to support specific objectives?


Get advice on digitalisation, tutorials, feature updates and more.

Congratulations, you're ready!

You still have plenty to learn but now you have enough to get started.

The first steps when starting to use Klaro Cards:
create a project; add some cards and dimensions; configure your first board.

We are always open to discussing your requirements and helping
with your challenges by jumping on a call.

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