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Klaro is looking for a Business Developer (and possibly more)

Find out if the job is for you!

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We started developing Klaro Cards four years ago. In retrospect, I would not say that Klaro fits the mould of a traditional startup, since we've always focussed on building the software (mostly for ourselves) and the (technical) team, and so far put very little effort into user acquisition and sales.

That said, a company evolves through different phases and it's now time to move on to the next phase. So here we go:

Klaro Cards and the team are ready: we have plenty of great features, as well as major customers, partners and experience. We are now looking for a new colleague to focus on user acquisition and sales (ideally via top-notch demos, consultancy and a little bit of customer support).

Is the job for you?

We are looking for a business developer with real field experience in business development and/or sales. Our ideal candidate would already have a senior profile; less senior candidates are welcome to apply, provided they are highly motivated and have some experience at least.

Klaro Cards is a digital transformation tool. It is used to help teams rethink the way they organize themselves and their company processes to make the best use of software. Obviously, it is impossible to sell Klaro without a good understanding of company and team processes, and without being 100% comfortable with modern software tools and (IT) processes.

For instance, knowing something about Agile & Lean Management -- beyond the buzzwords -- would be welcome. Experience with similar software is probably required too (e.g. experience with Trello;; Jira; Airtable; Notion; etc.). Most of our customers work in medium and large entreprises; they use Excel, Sharepoint, SAP almost everyday. Helping them to escape ineffective solutions, or better still to integrate modern tools like Klaro Cards, is where we shine.

Before actually selling Klaro Cards, your job will be to help users (mostly project and people managers, but also C-level executives in smaller companies) to make the right Software-as-a-Service choices in 2022... even if that means not using Klaro Cards specifically, but some other software. This will require empathy, a very good analysis mindset, and a lot of honesty.

Where there is the right fit, your job will be to sell Klaro Cards, either the software or our applied consultancy in digitalization. You must therefore be comfortable with contacting people, prospecting & marketing techniques, and closing deals.

What do we offer?

First of all, we offer the best we have: freedom.

  • Freedom to work freelance or become an employee
  • Freedom to work part-time and not full-time, to maintain a work/life balance
  • Freedom to negotiate your salary and to include or exclude being partly paid on results
  • Freedom to acquire stock options, only if you really want to
  • Freedom to evolve to a C-level position in the company, or to leave after a couple of months or years
  • etc.

As you see, we are pretty flexible. We don't have a preconceived vision of what your position is supposed to be, how it's supposed to work on daily basis, and how it's supposed to be paid. As you will discover by applying for the job, at Klaro, we truly think that the best processes, teams, and companies are those where everyone adapts to reality (and its various constraints), to be able better to shape this reality in practice and over time.

Maybe it's not obvious, but this actually means that you must be pretty clear about what you want and do not want: the more freedom you have, the more responsibility you have to shape your own job and relationships with colleagues at Klaro Cards.

How to apply?

  1. Create a Klaro Cards account, play with the software, read our website and blog, try out the Interactive Tutorial, explore our templates... try to get your own idea about what we are doing.

  2. Prepare a couple of questions you have about the company, the software, the team, the stakeholders, our customers, our shareholders, etc.

  3. Send an email to with a quick self-presentation, your questions, wishes, dreams, or whatever you have to say. You can of course attach your CV.

  4. Wait a few days. We will try to get back to you within 7 days.

  5. Feel free to send us a reminder after 7 days, if you haven't heard from us.

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