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Why are we giving out our Solo plan for free to members of teams using Klaro for business purposes?

Read below about our exact proposal and the rationale behind it.

If you look at the pricing page on our website you can see that Klaro does not come free. Ideally we would love Klaro to be accessible to everyone, but for the time being we need to make sure that the app continues to follow its roadmap, and of course that the team can earn a salary! But we do our best to keep Klaro affordable.

In the world of online software it's the norm to see free versions of tools (usually limited in features but free). How do the companies behind these software products manage? Do they have enough funding to do this? Do they sell your data to make the free offer possible? Is their business in some kind of suspension because there is no underlying profitability? It depends on a case by case basis, and it is not always easy to know in each case how it works. What we do know and can say for Klaro is that we do not want to:

  1. give access that is so limited or incomplete that it stops you from getting good use from the app,
  2. sell your data or rely on advertisements,
  3. close down in 6 months because of a lack of revenue,
  4. secure funding or get tied to debt that forces us to do things the wrong way and doesn't give us enough time to do things right.

The solo plan for personal use: what can you do with it?

Our founder Bernard says that he can't understand how he was able to manage things before Klaro! The tool is being developed to facilitate project management and collaboration for businesses, but it is also great for personal use:

  • Renovating your house? It's important to be well-organised. Klaro is ideal: create a dimension for the rooms in your house, another for order of priority, and another for the work to do. Slide your cards into the "Done ✅" column in the Kanban board when rooms are done. You can even go further and create a board with processes to follow what's being done, such as: work - painting - cleaning - furniture... and move the cards around to mirror the stage your project is at.

  • Do you enjoy cooking? Could you use a better way to organise your recipes? Use Klaro and create dimensions for each day of the week, add your recipes and move them around to the days you want. Adjust dimensions by preparation time to see which meals would best suit what days.

  • All kinds of other projects: sports events, babysitter instructions, gardening, blogging, to-do lists, Christmas lists, household chores... the list is endless. At Klaro we are making a series of templates to inspire you; we will let you know when these are available.

What we want to do

We know that Klaro is used as much for personal projects as for professional ones. Nevertheless we want to find a viable balance between giving Klaro away and selling it. Klaro is designed to be most valuable to companies as a way to improve coordination between teams. On the other hand the Klaro community is made up of real people who motivate us and who also give feedback when they have time, and we want to thank them.

That is why, as a way to show our appreciation to all the people whose employers have set them up to use Klaro in business settings, we would like to give those people and team members the Solo plan for free personal use. Do you have any thoughts about this? If so then please let us know!

At the same time we remain open and keen to listen to charities, groups of citizens, student groups, and all those who would be interested to use Klaro but who do not have the financial means to do so.


To get the Solo plan create a projet with your personal email address. When asked to choose a plan you can exercise your right to the free offer by mentioning the professional email address you use for Klaro in a business setting.


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